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Expert Rope Access and Confined space services

 Welcome to Severn Access, where we provide exceptional rope access and confined space solutions to ensure your projects are completed safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. With a reputation for excellence and a team of some of the world's most experienced and qualified rescue technicians, we are your go-to specialists for all work at height and confined space needs.

Severn Access has provided rope access solutions on some of the country's highest profile structures. We have safely facilitated many confined spaces over the last decade or so, and we provide our clients with top of the range rescue equipment. We will find a way to solve your access problem. We strive to find a solution.

Specialist Rope Access Solutions

Severn Access offers a wide range of rope access services, meeting all your work at height needs. Our experienced rope technicians can handle structural inspections, cladding repairs, building surveying and maintenance, glazing, tower/mast surveys, jet washing, painting, and more, covering a range of different industries.

We also specialise in rope rescue and confined space rescue services, safety facilitation, pointing and masonry works, geo-technical works, chainsaw works, and bolt inspection/testing.

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Why Choose Severn Access?

  • Unmatched Expertise: Our lead rope access technicians have extensive knowledge and experience, capable of overcoming any challenge, no matter how daunting they may appear.


  • Safety Compliance: We operate within the guidance of HSE regulations, specifically adhering to the Safe Work in Confined Spaces, Confined Space Regulations 1997, and Approved Code of Practice.


  • Professional Team: Our team is highly trained, qualified, and experienced in every aspect of rope access and confined space rescue management.


  • Nationwide Service: Based in the Midlands, we provide rope access solutions throughout the country, ensuring that your workplace structures are secure and your workforce is safe.
Two Severn Access rope technicians working at height on a bridge
A Severn Access Confined space specialist in a tunnel performing a confined space rescue

Who are rope access technicians?

Rope access technicians are specialised professionals trained to perform work at height or in difficult-to-reach locations using rope access techniques. These techniques involve the use of ropes and associated equipment to ascend, descend, and traverse vertical or horizontal spaces safely and efficiently.


This method is widely used in various industries, including construction, oil and gas, maintenance, and inspection, due to its flexibility and ability to access areas that are otherwise challenging or impossible to reach with traditional access methods like scaffolding or lifts.


With our ability to deploy versatile abseiling solutions, Severn Access has fashioned itself into a trusted partner for commercial clients requiring advanced work at height and access solutions.

Who are confined space specialists?

Confined space specialists are highly trained professionals skilled in managing and navigating environments classified as confined spaces, such as tanks, silos, sewers, and vaults.


These areas typically have limited entry and exit points, and pose various hazards including toxic atmospheres, low oxygen levels, and restricted movement. In the UK, the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 sets the standards and guidelines to ensure safety in such hazardous environments.


With our extensive experience in this field, Severn Access ensures compliance with these regulations by offering a range of services designed to mitigate risks and enhance safety. This includes a comprehensive suite of specialist confined space rescue services.

A Confined Space inside a metal silo serviced by Severn Access

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